What are the accessories of the shower room

Abst: 1. Shower room accessories - glass Glass is the top priority in shower room accessories, and tempered glass must be selected. Good glass still has g...
Glass is the top priority in shower room accessories, and tempered glass must be selected. Good glass still has good performance after long-term use. Even if it is unfortunate that it encounters a self-explosion rate of 3/1000, after a good tempered glass self-explodes, it will not harm the users of the shower room. When buying a shower room, many friends bought poor quality tempered glass because they didn't know how to choose a good tempered glass for the shower room. of people were seriously injured.
2. Shower room accessories - pulley
The hardware accessories of the shower room are made of 59 copper or 304 stainless steel. These materials are actually very good, and each has its own characteristics. 59 copper has a strong bearing capacity, and the flexibility is quite good. The use of 59 copper can greatly improve the service life of the shower room. It is durable and can still maintain a good appearance after long-term use; 304 stainless steel is in the ranks of stainless steel. The medium is also top-notch. After processing, it has a strong metal texture, which can greatly improve the style and texture of the shower room.
3. Shower room accessories - water blocking stone
There are two types of water-retaining stone in shower room accessories: artificial stone and natural stone. Natural stone is suitable for shower rooms where floor tiles have already been laid; while artificial water-retaining stone has no joints when formed at one time, and there will not be too many residual debris.
4. Shower room accessories - track
The track of the shower room also needs to be checked carefully before purchasing, because the track is connected to the glass and door frame of the shower room, so it must be of high quality, and some of the tracks are at the bottom of the shower room, which is relatively humid, and the track of good quality is not easy to grow. Rust is deformed, the door and glass of the shower room are not easy to fall off, and special attention should be paid when purchasing.