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Different Shower Stalls and Kit Type Another advantage to these kits is that they usually come with different configurations. At Bellavia, There are some that feature a walk-in shower tray, some that don't, and others that have either a swing door or a door with a curtain. These features depend on the style of the stall you want to buy and are one of the reasons why there are so many types available in the market.
Durability. When buying a shower stall and kit, it is important that you get the most durable ones. Bellavia Shower Stalls and Kit come in a wide variety of materials that can easily withstand everyday wear and tear. Lot of options when it comes to custom shower stalls and kits.
Themes. Since baths nowadays are no longer simply functional, they now serve as a room for comfort, relaxation, or as a room to display personal belongings.
As outstanding China Shower Stalls and Kits suppliers and custom Shower Stalls and Kits factory, Bellavia provide custom wholesale Shower Stalls and Kits for sale. Bellavia aims to create a quality brand of our sanitary products. We have our own shower room sanitary products manufacturing factory. Custom made solution at Bellavia.