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Bellavia Bathroom shower screens are large clear glass panels that effectively prevent that awful water leak that frequently comes with using your standard shower and bath combination setup. They are easier to clean and in actuality, look nicer than standard shower curtains, making them top consideration when it comes to bathroom shower puddle protectors.Folding shower screens also provide added protection from soap scum, shampoo, and body sprays, soaps that leave residue and don't always get all the way down to the tub. And because you can simply fold the panel into quarters and push it back into position, you never have to worry about water leaking from corner to corner when you take a bath or use the shower. Make sure that the shower screen is going to blend in with the overall look of the shower enclosure.
Bellavia Sanitary Technology Co,. Ltd is famous China Bathroom shower screen manufacturer and shower enclosure screen factory, we provide custom shower enclosure screens for sale. Bellavia aims to create a quality brand of our sanitary products. We have our own shower room sanitary products manufacturing factory. Custom made solution at Bellavia.