Custom 8 MM SERIES Shower Enclosure

8mm Shower Enclosure Manufacturers

Installing an 8mm shower enclosure in your bathroom can make a big difference in its look and feel. There are many benefits to installing one of these Bellavia enclosures, most of which come from the design of the unit itself. 8mm thick frameless shower enclosure consists of one or more frameless glass panels that cover your entire shower compartment, protecting everything else in the bathroom from splashes. The nice thing about having this type of enclosure is that it looks luxurious, but at the same time offers you protection from water damage. Typically, the glass enclosure rollers have pre-drilled holes that allow you to simply snap the unit onto the drain and let it do all of the work for you. In addition, the instructions manual that comes with the unit will show you the easy way in which you can clean your new enclosure.
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