Shower Tray Manufacturers

Most shower trays consist of a front panel, which holds up the shower tray, a back panel and the quadrant. The most common layout is the one sided quadrant shower tray, which is made up of a frame and a single panel. This type of shower tray allows for a very easy cleaning, as dirt particles will fall through the opening on one side leaving behind only clean water. Wet room shower trays come in various materials and sizes to accommodate the size and design of any bathroom.
You can also find quadrant shower trays in different types such as L shape, U shape and rectangle shapes. You can either get the tray custom made or choose from the varieties of shapes that are readily available at Bellavia.
Bellavia Sanitary Technology Co,. Ltd is famous China shower tray manufacturer and shower trays supplier, we provide custom OEM shower trays for sale. Bellavia aims to create a quality brand of our sanitary products. We have our own shower room sanitary products manufacturing factory. Custom made solution at Bellavia.