Custom 6 MM SERIES Shower Enclosure

6mm Shower Enclosure Manufacturers

The 6mm Clear Glass Shower Enclosure offers you a very strong structure for staying safe. This type of shower enclosure is very popular as it comes in various sizes. The sizes range from seven inches all the way up to twenty two inches.Customizable size.
The frame of the enclosure can be made from three types of materials. The most popular one is either toughened glass or tempered safety glass. The latter is stronger and has a higher level of impact resistance. The toughened glass is also more durable than the former. You will also get a choice between acrylic and tempered glass.
You may also opt to get one with a frameless design. 6mm Shower Enclosure will give your bathroom a more futuristic look and also make it look elegant. It allows you to customize it according to your liking.
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