Custom WALK-IN Shower Enclosure

Walk In Shower Enclosure Manufacturers

There are two basic type:fixed panel walk-in shower enclosure, floating barred shower enclosure. Customizable design. Walk-in shower enclosure has no door and only has clear glass panels surrounding the opening. Frameless unit walk-in shower enclosures do not have any type of door or glass panels on the sides. The support bars however are mounted on the sides of the unit, just like the other models. If you are interested in saving space, this may be an option that will work well for you. No matter what kind of walk in shower enclosure, we provides a good warranty coverage on the product.
Bellavia Sanitary Technology Co,. Ltd is famous China walk-in shower enclosure manufacturer and walk in shower enclosure factory, we provide custom walk-in shower enclosure for sale. Bellavia aims to create a quality brand of our sanitary products. We have our own shower room sanitary products manufacturing factory. Custom made solution at Bellavia.