The role of shower room in life

Abst:The shower room refers to the equipment that separates the shower separately in the bathroom. Usually the shower room is set up in the corner of the b...
The shower room refers to the equipment that separates the shower separately in the bathroom. Usually the shower room is set up in the corner of the bathroom, and the shower area is clearly divided by a fence to form a relatively independent bathing space. So what are the advantages of the shower room?
The shower room divides the toilet well and sets up an independent bathing space. In the shower, it can block the water droplets from flying in the shower and keep the bathroom relatively dry. It does not conflict with other daily life and does not affect it.
Bathing in winter, the shower room is smaller and more warm, and it will not be too cold when bathing.
Many citizens want to put a bathtub in their homes, but the bathtub takes up a relatively large space, and the shower room just solves this problem, with a small footprint and easy installation.
The shower room has various shapes, which can ensure the overall beauty of the bathroom after meeting various needs in function.

What are the more specific advantages of the shower room?
1. The usability of the shower room 1. Easy to use The shower room can wash away the dirt on the body in time, and save water. If you use a bathtub, it costs water, and you have to sink and float with the dirt you rubbed on your body. Think about it All feel uncomfortable. The shower room is cleaner and hygienic than the bathtub, and it is not prone to cross-infection. Easy to use, suitable for fast-paced life. In addition, not only the price of the bathtub is relatively high, but the area of ​​the bathroom is required to be large enough, and there are also high requirements for water pressure, electricity and installation. In modern commercial competition society, people often need to stimulate their body functions to release work pressure through multi-functional bathing alternately after intensive work, such as alternating hot and cold stimulation, intermittent high-speed impact of water flow and alleviating alternate shower stimulation, dry steaming and warm showering. Alternate stimulation to achieve the expansion and contraction of capillaries, strengthen the body, and eliminate fatigue. 2. Separate bathing space can be divided. Toilets and bathing rooms are mostly integrated. It is a reasonable choice to install a shower room. In this way, a relatively independent bathing space can be created, avoiding mutual influence and facilitating daily life. 3. Save space. Some family bathrooms have small space and can't install a bathtub, but the shower room can save a lot of space. With the shower room, when using the shower head to shower, the water will not splash outside, and will not splash the entire bathroom floor. As the home decoration is becoming more and more luxurious and noble, it is required that the bathroom can distinguish between dry and wet areas, and complete the shower in the wet area. A good shower room has strong water tightness to avoid leakage of dirty water and ensure that the entire room is clean without frequent dirty footprints. And constantly mopping the floor. The more user-friendly design of the shower room has an open boutique shelf for storing dry towels or clean clothes. After the shower, walk into the room cleanly and dryly. 4. Insulation and warmth function. Due to the involvement of gas or natural gas water heaters in life, its safety requires the shower room to be well ventilated. People generally require the shower room to ensure warmth during the shower, and the shower room is used to surround the body in the shower. Ventilation will not scrape off the body.