The structure of the shower room and related knowledge

Abst:1. The structure can be divided into three types: framed, semi-frameless and frameless:(1) Framed: The metal frame is mainly made of aluminum alloy fr...
1. The structure can be divided into three types: framed, semi-frameless and frameless:
(1) Framed: The metal frame is mainly made of aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel, and the plates are made of tempered glass or PS (Polystyrene). When purchasing,
pay attention to whether the surface is scratched and the frame material is combined. Whether there is a tight fit, whether there is a plastic or metal cover on the top of the outer frame, whether the switch is smooth, whether the door and the brake pads that directly affect the waterproof effect are fireproof, and the magnet strip design, etc.

(2) Semi-frameless: the outer frame is made of aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel, and the plates are mainly tempered glass.

(3) Frameless type: It is mainly composed of hinges, fixed clips, shear rods and tempered glass. Because it is a frameless design, the wall material and verticality requirements should be higher when designing this type, such as light If the partition or the whole bathroom has a reinforcement design at the hinge fixing place, it cannot be installed, otherwise there will be a safety hazard.

2. Tempered glass: It is a misunderstanding that most people think that tempered glass is better than tempered glass. In Western countries, the former is referred to as Tenpered Glass or Toughened Glass. The strength is determined to be 4 to 5 times that of ordinary glass. It should be noted that in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use heat-strengthened glass or semi-tempered glass, whose strength is only 1 to 2 times that of ordinary glass, and it is no different from ordinary glass when it is broken. Can't compare with the former. The glass used in the shower door must meet the safety glass standard, that is, it can be used after passing the impact temperature damage test. In addition, most people think that the thicker the glass, the better. In fact, as long as it can pass the former test, the thinner glass is beneficial to the service life of the product (the heavier the glass, the greater the burden on the pulleys and hinges) and safety. Generally speaking, 3~5mm tempered glass for framed glass doors and 6~8mm glass for frameless glass are sufficient.

3. Surface treatment: The metal surface of the general shower door frame material can be divided into coating (powder or liquid) and electroplating. No matter which process is used, it is necessary to understand the thickness, hardness, brightness, adhesion, etc. of the coating film and whether it has passed It is resistant to thick salt spray and chemical tests. Because it is installed in the bathroom at a high temperature and often uses chemicals in it, the metal surface treatment should not be taken lightly.

4. The location of the manufacturer and its after-sales service: If the shower room is viewed from an economic point of view, it is a long-lasting asset, but it needs to be switched on and off every day. In addition to the different strengths and strengths of adults and children, it will be based on personal mood. The ups and downs or improper operation of usage habits lead to failure to reach the expected service life. However, shower doors mainly rely on pulleys and hinges to switch, plus plastic and hardware accessories for the combined products. If the manufacturer or its distribution agent can provide professional services for the product, I believe this group of shower rooms will not become an orphan in the bathroom.

5. Type and size: Each bathroom has different specifications and sizes, so when choosing, subjective and objective factors need to be considered. Generally speaking, the door opening method can be divided into horizontal pull type outward opening type and inward folding type. In addition, unless the shower space is relatively large. Should avoid the use of inward folding, so as to avoid accidents when someone takes a shower, and the door cannot be opened, which may cause regrettable things.